And Here Is Summer Again...

- What to do if you cannot go on a fancy vacation -

Unlike apparently 90% of the people I follow on Instagram, I am not going to travel this summer to any exotic places, such as Italy, the Croatian seaside, the beaches at Ubatuba in Brazil, or the Caribbean. But instead of sitting around, we can decide to be tourists right where we are. There’s that flea market I’ve been wanting to check out, and a new coffee shop; there is a new exhibit in the museum nearby, and there is a new spot at the lake to take a boat trip; and I have planned a nice dinner for my friends for so long, maybe it's time to make that special night happen. And you are right: we have created plenty of outfit ideas for each. Obviously, if you are one of those lucky people who are planning to have a refreshing journey, good for you; our ideas are still relevant. But if you are like me and will stay home this summer, check out our ideas. And hey, let's go! Start imagining that this is the first time you see this wonderful place called your hometown.

1. Be a tourist in your city

The basic and most obvious idea is to play a tourist wherever you are. Imagine that you just arrived here, packed your things away in your hotel room (your own room, which is in fact better than any hotel room), and you are ready to make that first and everlasting impression: both of what you will see and of how others will see you — the "new girl" in town. I selected that perfect outfit for you: one that will make you unforgettable even for those who know you already:

The skirt is a vintage lucky find; it features sleek silk material, knee-length, and a feminine A-line. The blouse is also silk from vintage Calvin Klein, ivory colored and closes at the back with buttons. These base pieces are easy and light, yet elegant and classic at the same time. To give glamour to this look, add a vintage Hermes scarf and these beautiful brown leather kitten heels from Martinez. Obviously, these are more on the investment side than the budget, but they will last a long time and will not go out of fashion. The J. Crew brown leather "throw-everything-in" tote bag is a lucky and practical element of this outfit: Still affordable but super chic and practical. It complements well the shoes, the sunglasses, and the hat. And last but not least, vintage Ferre sunglasses and a vintage Scala sunhat. Tip: change the ribbon on your hat to match the rest of your outfit.


Calvin Klein ivory silk back button-down vintage top, S/M

Style & Co. black shiny 100% silk A-line skirt, 8P

Martinez "Martini" colored "Flamenco" style leather kitten heels, 37

Hermes Paris Red Silk vintage Scarf from the 70s

J. Crew vintage 90s brown leather tote purse

2. Visit a museum or two

We tend to forget that there is history where we live and that we are part of that history. The last thing I think after a long workday is to go out to a museum. But when I am on a "vacation", I suddenly have time to see all that was here all the time but I just slipped by it.

And here is my outfit suggestion for a museum outing:

Museums are often air conditioned, so you want to make sure that you don't get cold spending a couple of hours in a place that is cooler than the outside temperature. This Liz Claiborne white 100% cotton button-down is an ideal choice. It has a little flower pattern that is actually holes in the material so your skin can breathe easily. Then, get your favorite beige or khaki cotton pants—not jeans, because you want to be a bit more elevated, but not trousers either, because you also want to stay comfortable. The pants are from Bershka. As for the shoes, comfort is your primary factor. Therefore, I choose these sweet purple suede flats from Ivanka Trump. The design gives an extra lift to the otherwise plain colors and style.

As for the accessories, a vintage leather tote purse from Hogan and a matching silk vintage scarf. Add your favorite sunglasses and even a sunhat to get protection from the sun when you step out in to the open air again. During the summer your makeup should be minimal. I found that Burt's Bees lip glosses are a nice alternative between a simple lip balm and an actual lipstick. They come in many colors and are completely natural.


Liz Caliborne white button down top

Bershka Collection beige cotton pants, 8

Hogan leather vintage 80s purse in black

Silk vintage scarf

Ivanka Trump 'Tropica' purple suede gladiator flats, 8.5

Burt's Bees lip gloss

3. Visit a local coffee shop

Look around and you will probably discover that a new coffee shop recently opened in the neighborhood. No, you have not been there yet—you did not have time—but since you are on vacation now... Bring your favorite magazine or your laptop and spend some relaxing hours on their terrace, make friends, or simply work on your new blog post while sipping a refreshing iced coffee. The environment will be invigorating, and you will indeed feel like you were a tourist for a day. And as for what to wear:

With navy, you never make a mistake. The sophisticated and feminine Ann Taylor blouse was combined with a simple cotton bubble skirt from Europe, and a matching silk vintage scarf with polka dots. Again, the Hogan leather purse is big enough to carry all your important things, and matches well with the navy Anne Klein loafers. I especially like finishing this look with the serious and elegant loafers because it balances the playfulness of the polka dots and floral pattern. The frosting on this cake is the vintage parasol. A definitely not-everyday girl to remember.


Ann Taylor floral print polyester top, XS

Vintage 90s navy 100% cotton A-line skirt

Hogan vintage 80s leather purse in navy

Silk vintage navy scarf with polka dots

Anne Klein leather navy loafers, 7

4. Vintage Fares and Markets

Do you remember how much you wanted to go to that vintage fair on Sunday but was too exhausted to make it? Or to that flea market that is only open during the hours you normally have other things to do? But you are on vacation now and you finally have time to visit them. And if you visit, why not go the whole hog? Show the vintage that you know what vintage is! My idea for the outing is here:

This gorgeous vintage dress and matching blazer is just a perfect summer dress. Made by Nina Ricci and it is from the 70s. The striped base pattern and the big hibiscus flowers contrast each other nicely, and the colors blend ideally into the hot and dry summer climate. The leather briefcase is also from the 70s and is made by Salvatore Ferragamo. The kitten heels are from Rampage and with their retro vibe, they take you back decades in time. To complete the look, don't forget a chic sun hat. Ours is from Scala.


Nina Ricci vintage 70s dress+blazer

Salvatore Ferragamo vintage 70s black leather briefcase

Bandolino black patent leather imitation slingbacks, 7

Scala vintage 80s red sun hat

5. Engagements and Weddings

It's important to remember that most engagements and weddings happen during summer. You will probably get invited at least one of these events, so best to prepare ahead. Your choice of the outfit needs to be elegant and formal but light, comfortable and high-quality to make it through the long day. We have two suggestions:

The lighter version is this Eileen Fischer light gray silk skirt and blazer. You would be positively surprised, but if feels like wearing nothing. The outfit is paired with matching purse and leather sandals from Bruno Zanotti, as well as a Giorgio Armani light neck scarf. You just need to add your favorite sunglasses, a fan, and possibly a big parasol to be ready to march with the celebration.

Oh yes, we thought about the present as well: a modern breakfast dining set with oriental inspiration from Jessica McClintock Home is what a newlywed couple will need and appreciate.


Eileen Fisher silk skirt and blazer

Bruno Zanotti sandals,

Bruno Zanotti leather clutch

Giorgio Armani silk neck scarf

Jessica McClintock Home dining set

A classic English wedding inspired this truly majestic second version. The gray silk skirt, blazer and embroidered top would not be great without the custom made and designed hat, ordered straight from Scotland. The shoes are made in Italy, and are comfortable but luxurious for a hot summer wedding.

To complete your look, use a skin primer to avoid perspiration and shine on your face.


Gray silk wedding skirt, top and blazer set

Hat from Scotland

Zodiaco sandals

Salma Hayek skin primer, new

6. Going to the Pool

Yes, I feel you. The pool is not the sea and the ocean, but it's an ideal place for socializing, getting some tan, and cooling down on a hot summer day. Make the effort: pack your tote bag as if you really were a tourist. Bring a magazine, book, camera, fan, hat, and parasol and feel like a real diva while settling at a shady spot under the umbrellas by the pool.

Take it big with this gorgeous vintage caftan that came from the luxury department in I. Magnin’s in San Francisco. It's made out of 100% Indian cotton, has an embroidered front and back, features a V-neck, and even has two pockets on the side. It is your best choice for being out of the water walking to the pool bar for a cocktail. You will stay absolutely protected from the sun or the chill,and yet be extravagantly in style with its vintage vibe. To use it more as a dress in the city, just add a leather belt around the waist with a matching tote and high platform sandals.

As for jewelry this season, leave your gold and silver items home and replace them with vibrant, fun looking handmade pieces like this pair from India. The little handmade tissue holder from Japan is an eye-catching solution for keeping these essentials dry. And oh yes, take some real photographs this time and keep them in this Japanese vintage Otagiri album.


I. Magnini vintage 60s cotton embroidered caftan

Land's End vintage 80s leather belt

J. Crew vintage 90s leather purse tote

Japanese klenex holder

Indiad hand made earrings

Sketchers platform sandals, 7

Otagiri Japan lacquered vintage 80s photo album

Scala red sun hat

7. Take a Boat Ride

This is probably my newest discovery this summer. We live close to a lake and marina, and I go there every other day with my dogs, just to watch the boats and yachts and people. The smell of the water, the pine trees, the sunscreen, all remind me of the days I spent at the seaside as a child. And even if I just watch them, for some moments it feels like I am on a real vacation. And you know what, I am going to ride out one day. And for that, I already have a good idea of what I am going wear and bring:

Classic white Levi’s jeans combined with a cotton sailor striped top, espadrilles, a sun hat, nautical Hermes silk scarf —because it can be windy on a yacht or boat —and a spacious straw bag to hold headphones, clean towels, a favorite Shakespeare book and Traveler magazine.

Oh yes, don't worry too much about makeup. It's enough to use BB cream to make your lines even; the fresh weather and the sun will do the rest.


White vintage Levis jeans,

Jones New York striped navy and white cotton top

Hermes vintage 70s silk nautical scarf

Vintage Banana Republic leather belt

Denim Espadrilles

Vintage Straw bag by Kate Spade

Sony white headphones

No Fear Shakespeare

Conde Nast Traveler Magazine

Maybelline BB cream, new

Monique Lhuillier for Pottery Barn white towels

8. Beach time

Don't limit yourself by thinking that by beach we mean only a fancy tropical or Mediterranean seaside. Beach can be anywhere you can put down your beach towel and splash into the water. Such as the river or a lake. And you know what is good about discovering new sites around your home? That your chances of avoiding the crowd and personalizing your beach time are better. So, who really needs to travel for a vacation?

This outfit is truly magical-practical. Take your swimming suit and put on an oversized cotton button-down shirt and belt it with your favorite vintage belt. Make sure to leave the neckline open to show your decolette but cover your behind.

For a super long legs impression, wear it with platform espadrilles. We talked about the jewelry for this summer already. Wearing your gold and silver and diamond pieces is really just risky: they can be easily lost or discolored. Replace them with these fun looking and colorful handmade Indian earrings. The outfit can be raised to a luxury level by adding a luxury purse, like this velvet tote by Bottega Veneta.


Sonoma cotton button down shirt, XL

Roxy beige espadrilles, 7

Lands End vintage belt

Old Navy 2-pieces swimming suit

Indian handmade earrings

Bottega Veneta butterfly velvet hobo tote bag

9. Date Night

Don't forget those special evenings or nights that you are going to spend with your beloved, whether future or existing. Vacations are special because they are out of pattern. But who says you cannot be out of pattern at home? Surprise your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, partner, date, with this sexy combination.

Get your favorite Levi’s jeans and a white tank top, and put this animal print Valentino bath robe on top of them. Yes, exactly, a bath robe. Because when it's time to take off the clothes, you can leave only this on.

The outfit is complete with matching cheetah print peep toe sandals and a vintage pony hair shoulder purse from Escada. You can wear a big leather vintage belt to look cooler, and matching sunglasses as well.


Levis blue jeans

Michael by Michael Kors white tank top

Escada vintage pony hair shoulder purse

Rampage zebra print peep toe sandals

Vintage leather belt

MaxMara sunglasses

10. Ethnic Evening

On gray weekdays you probably never stop and wonder who you share your environment with, where does it get its influences, where do the different dishes and tastes come from. Being on a "Home Vacation" is a perfect time to discover the different cultures around you. Honor the local Indian, Mexican, Romanian, Finnish, Chinese, etc. communities by wearing one of their traditional outfits and trying their meals. Go and shop food at their stores, eat at their restaurants, or visit their workshops or gatherings. I am sure that many will appreciate your effort, and you will be surprised how much you will gain by the experience.

Our suggestion is this bright royal traditional Indian tunic blouse and pants (and here is the place to apologize for my ignorance, but I don't know more about this gorgeous outfit), and feel like you are a different person. Combined with a matching Indian oversized scarf and handmade earrings, we added a bright red tote bag as well to go with the color palette.


Royal blue Indian tunic and sari pants with silver embellishment

Indian oversized scarf

Red tote

Handmade Indian earrings

11. Go to a Religious Site

No matter where you live, there must be a church, monastery, temple, shrine, or religious site somewhere around. And as a tourist, what you would do if you visited another city? You would probably see their churches, as these places are more often the ancient sites in the city, and talk about the history of the place.

Even where I live, in the country with nothing much around, I recently discovered that there is a Cistercian monastery near by. Currently, the community is in the process of reassembling what the monks call their "Sacred Stones," the limestone blocks from the 800-year-old chapter house (meeting room) of the Cistercian monastery of Santa Maria de Ovila that once stood in Trillo, Guadalajara, Spain. You see, instead of me going to Spain, Spain comes to me...

For a religious site, you want to wear something practical, not too frivolous, comfortable but solid. An embroidered knee-length linen bermuda is a perfect choice, with a white tank top and espadrille sandals. Your purse can be more on the practical side too, like this cross-body from Fossil, and you can always spice up the outfit with a vintage belt. The trick about the outfit is to bring a big scarf with you, like this one from Hermes, so that if you need to cover your shoulders or head you have it handy. The hat and the sunglasses will protect from the sun and heat, and who knows, maybe you will be lucky and even find a souvenir like this oversized ceramic rosary.


Linen bermuda

Michael by Michael Kors white tank top

Fossil beige utility crossbody

Liz Claiborne vintage belt

Brown peep toe espadrille platform sandals

Hermes "Coaching" vintage 70s silk scarf

Oversized ceramic rosary from Mexico

Have fun! And see you when we will "back from vacation"!

*This article was written with the intent to entertain its readers and to showcase some of Atrium Anna Consignment Luxury Boutique's items on sale for marketing purposes.

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