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Updated: Mar 28, 2019

An Open Letter from the Editor

A year ago around this time, I was in Italy and New York, and the idea of starting a style community arose in my mind for the first time. I wasn't sure what I really wanted to create, nor did I know how I was going to put together the pieces. But I did know that I did not want simply to have a luxury consignment boutique; I wanted to interact with like-minded people to talk about things that inspire us the most: style and beauty.

I wrote my first blog posts, but for one year I did not know what I was going to do with them. Besides that, I was busy building up my online store with everything that it takes: from creating a website, to printing out flyers and business cards, to setting up my inventory and accounting systems. I was not certain whether I could start this without looking like a "dreamer" or looking too ambitious. Are they going to like me and my stuff? What if no one is interested in what I am doing? It took me more than a year to take the next step — to put aside my fear and worries and just do it. So, what you are reading now is the result of that rather long and shy first year.

And what exactly happened in the last year?

In December, 2017, Atrium Anna was born. At that time it was called "Nefertiti's Corner" and "Bonnie's Worth" (more about the evolution of the name in a later blog post). The idea was not entirely new for me. I had been selling on eBay since 2013, and became more and more enthusiastic the many buying and selling opportunities which that golden platform offered. First, I just wanted to get rid of my old clothes. Ever since I was a teenager, I had always wanted to wear designer clothes (I grew up in the 90’s in the era of supermodels like Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer, and Kate Moss when Fashion TV started) and I started to buy new clothes, mainly preloved designer items. I financed these new purchases with the money I made from selling my old stuff. It was fun. A lot of fun.

eBay was a wonderful place to find inexpensive luxury and designer items from private, individual sellers, and I quickly learned what to look for before hitting the "Buy" button. I made some mistakes along the way, and run into some fakes and inauthentic items. But that pushed me to start studying how to differentiate authentic, high quality items from often the same looking but cheap and low-quality fake products. Quickly I learned that fakes only leave a bitter taste in one's mouth, and even more, I started to reject the idea of trying to use "another bird's feathers" to show off.

I acquired so many clothes and other stuff that I needed to do something with it all. That was when I created a brand around what I was already doing as a hobby and passion, and started to approach the world of pre-loved luxury professionally.

As you might guess, the transition was not as easy as it sounds. Giving a professional look to something takes time, dedication, and serious brain work. At least that was my case. And when a friend approached me and asked me to sell her entire old closet, I was shocked, but I knew that this must be written in the stars for me, and luxury consignment was the next step.

So, you know the rest of it, more or less, and here we go with my first newsletter. I am sure that many things will change along this journey, but one thing will remain the same: my strive to hunt for luxury and designer items, to educate people about their value, and to continue providing them at an affordable price.

You see, inner and outer beauty are not that much different from each other. But also, it's almost true that one cannot exist without the other.

Anna Haeven Founder and CEO, Atrium Anna

Our Spring Selection Following The Latest Trends

Getting ready for Spring trends. Our highlights, the best of the best for March.


Pastel Sky and Earth

What began as a no-nonsense approach to fashion, designed to let women be comfortable while looking dignified, has been translated into a classic, tailored style, especially in ready-to-wear, where the traditional tweed Chanel suit with a nipped-at-the-waist cardigan jacket remains one of the most popular—and most copied—fashion staples. Our choice for this Season is this pastel color perfection that is available for sale in our shop.

To shop this garment, go here


The Sun Will Want to Shine

The Sun will want to shine once you put this bright yellow Michael Michael Kors windbreaker/rain jacket on. Featuring short sleeves, and zippers in the front and hoods as well as drawstrings around the waist and the neck, this silky smooth colored fashion piece can be your next Spring favorite. It certainly became ours. Available in XL in the store (for exact measurements, please visit the product page or get in touch with us.).

To shop this garment, go here


Blooming and Buzzing

Things cannot go sweeter than this floral print linen-cotton jean jacket from Bill Blass. The distinct colors complement perfectly the big flower prints to create a blooming and romantic look. Now available in the shop in size L.

To shop this garment, go here


Vintage is a Great Charm

Especially if we consider this elegant and refined Balenciaga heels with a gold ring and rim around the heel and the front. It seems to be saying, pick me to be your special shoes for that Very Special Day! This all leather made in Spain vintage product from the 80s is available in 8AA in the store now.

To shop this garment, go here


And Crystals...

Everything starts sparkling in Spring. This pair of jeans became our favorite because of the added crystals/rhinestones on the belt loops. Now available in size small (IT 38) in the store.

To shop this garment, go here


Just Irresistible

Needless to say, I own a pair of high tops like this. The 70s are reinvented in this colorful piece, and Mara Hoffman adds a special touch to this classic piece.

Mara Hoffman's designs focus on sustainable materials, processes, and production in order to improve and extend each garment’s life with a devotion to color, each inspired by and in celebration of women. Available one pair in US size 6.

To shop this garment, go here

Style Inspiration - February Tidbits from my Favorite Fashion Magazines

I was very pleased when I saw in Elle that the classic silk scarfs are back in fashion again (when did they leave, anyway?). And they are not only back but back with double power. You can wear them basically everywhere from head to toe, but if you want to look especially trendy, try to knot your ponytails with one or use it as a bandana. As Elle says wisely, "Knotted neatly or completely undone, colorful, versatile scarves have never bee cooler.”

Check out our collection here.

The theme of the February issue of Harper's Bazaar is love. On almost every page you see a reflection of love, whether this is a True ring from Tiffany & Co., an ad of a sunny yellow collection from Max Mara, or their 2019 Runway Report. I found myself being attracted to yellow these days, maybe because I miss the sunshine after the long winter months, so no wonder that my favorite was this yellow runway palette. "Back up, buttercup: Usher in spring with the cheeriest primary hue under the sun." This all reminds me of the brightest and most cheerful pieces in the store:

Joop! 80s Scent Eau De Parfum, 30 ml, Vintage Floral PVC Chain Handler Purse, Roccobarocco Vintage "Peace" Jacket, Dolce and Gabbana Junior Floral Print Sleeveless Top, Michael Kors Hooded Rain Jacket.

The other color that is in spotlight this month is red. It's mainly because of Valentine's Day as a tradition, but also to show our unconscious longing for warmth. In Marie Claire’s 101 Ideas, they matched a red Vercase purse with a pair of red shoes. "Your grandmother's minauidére goes modern in a standout cardinal color and polished gold hardware." What truth! See our red "grandmother's" collection here for ladies: Alcott & Andrews Red Wool Vintage Skirt; Talbots Red Silk Vintage Skirt; WTC Red Linen Vintage Skirt; Palomar Creations Red Tessuto Vintage Gown; August Silk Red Cardigan; WTC Red Shirt Sleeves Silk Vintage Top; Nordstrom Red Silk Button-Down Shirt; Franco Sarto Red Suede Mules; Anne Klein Akcadora Leather Loafers; Zara Red Flat Slingback Sandals; Salvatore Ferragamo Wool 70s Vintage Blazer. And for the gentlemen: Karl Lagerfeld Classic Red Silk Tie; Robert Talbot Vintage Red Wine Silk Classic Tie; Halston "Office" Silk Vintage Tie; Classic Collection by Van Heusen Polyester Tie; Christopher Hayes Classic Silk Tie; Botany 500 Paisley Print Red Wine Vintage Silk Tie; Givenchy Monsieur Classic Silk and Polyester Tie.

And finally, “Bow, meet knot. Silk, satin, and taffeta twist into romantic buds for a touch of feminine sophistication. Our little "Rosette" idea is here. Happy Spring!

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