How Did I Save A Damaged Burberry Straw Bag

As the weather turns more into sunny and bright, your outdoor activities will increase.

Going to the beach, or visiting country for the Weekend, or simply strolling in parks, you want to choose a bag that will accompany you during these outings.

And there is nothing more chic than chosing a straw bag.

That was exactly my intention when I found this pre-owned Burberry purse online for a bargain. Unfortunately, the purse was very damaged outside but my savior nature came accross and I purchased it.

Take a look:

Damaged Vintage Burberry Purse

Now, I like vintage and antique, and a little imperfection or patina don't bother me. But when I received them, I realized that this was more than imperfection. It was a serious damage. And if I don't like something is if someone doesn't care and looks trashy (and believe me, you can look trashy even with the most expensive and newest pieces).

So, I started to think; how can I fix the damage quickly so that it looks acceptable until I can take it to a professional?

Luckily, I always put aside leftover material including ribbons as well.I chose a springy-flowery pattern and voila, the results are here:

Salvaged Vintage Burberry Purse

I must admit, I was quite happy about the outcome. My Burberry strawbag became my own, unique and personalized item. What do you think?How much do you bother to fix your damaged items?

Let me know and see you next time!

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