My 5 Style Secrets - As Posted in 5 Separate Posts on Social Media

Secret No. 5

Let's talk about what makes someone stylish. ⠀ I will share my 5 secrets of the basics of style, elegance, and luxury. One every day.

Secret No. 5⠀ Skincare and makeup

Glow naturally, show your own skin⠀ By makeup, I mean how you take care of your skin not how much products you apply on your face. ⠀ I am not (yet:)) affiliated with Erno Laszlo cosmetics but I really need to give a shoutout about their products. ⠀ I was reading my good friend, Harvey Helms' book the 'Blush' where he was talking about his lifechanging moment about the black soap. ⠀ Besides that I am Hungarian just like Erno Laszlo was, his products literally changed my life a few years ago when I started to use the iconic black soap and the phelityl combo. ⠀ This photo was taken shortly after I got my products. My skin was always dull and oily in a T-zone and look at it! Yeah! If nothing else, and cannot buy any other fancy products, I always have an Erno Laszlo soap and the PH oil in my bathroom and I wash and clean my face with them every morning and evening. ⠀ If it worked for Audrey and Marilyn, it will work for me too! ⠀ Thank you, Erno Laszlo! ⠀

Secret No. 4

Let's continue our discussion about style, beauty, and forever trends. ⠀ I will share my 5 secrets of the basics of style, elegance, and luxury. One every day. (Look back in my posts to see Secret no. 5).

Secret no. 4 ⠀ Scent

"A woman who doesn't wear perfume has no future." Coco Chanel ⠀ Right. The final touch for every outfit is the right perfume or scent. Not too much, not too little, just enough to make head turns slightly and keep wondering about who was that woman that just passed... Chose the perfume that matches your personality, don't follow trends. Perfumes are much more personal. Dab your body's best scent spots: the neck and the wrist, ankles or behind the knees... Keep one bottle or tester always with you just in case. ⠀ When I chose my perfumes, I always go with luxury brands no matter what. With this, I don't trust cheaper middle brands. Chanel, Fendi, or Bulgari. I also found that when wearing a vintage outfit, you can crown your look with the matching vintage scent. Like this Miss Balmain sweet-strong one that was launched in 1967. For my 80s mood Joop! Eau de Perfume from 1987. For the 90s look, Gieffeffe from Gianfranco Ferre. And for anything else, Chanel No. 5. ⠀

And you, what is your current favorite perfume? ⠀ "I change my perfume every ten years. I don't like trendy perfumes, which I find often too aggressive. I prefer old, classic brands." Ines de la Fressange ⠀ "Listen to the fragrance." Chinese Proverb ⠀ ⠀

Secret No. 3

I started to share my 5 essential beauty and style tips with you, every day one of them. (Look back in my previous posts to see no. 5 and no. 4). This is

Secret no. 3 ⠀ A good haircut ⠀

Let's talk about the importance of a good haircut when it's about dressing up. Things start from here. No matter how fancy or dressy you are, if your hair is messy, you will look messy and cheap. You obviously want to embrace your own style and stay close to that but carelessness was never really stylish (not even for French women who spend hours on their "careless" looks). And let me tell you my secret: when I travel to another city, one of my first visits are the local hair salons. This is a very organic way to start your journey, like someone who just arrived home rather than being a tourist. ⠀ Here are my best hair moments: a haircut in Naples, haircut by a Beverly Hills hairdresser, and haircut and color in Mexico City. ⠀ What is your hair secret? ⠀ ⠀

Secret No. 2

We continue with my 5 essentials to be stylish and fashionable (look back into my posts to see Secret nu. 5,4, & 3). ⠀ Secret Nu. 2 ⠀ The right wardrobe

The right wardrobe reflects your style and personality. It contains some luxury pieces, some unique and vintage pieces and the basics such as a pair of jeans and black trousers, white and black tees, V-neck pullower in black or camel, and a black dress or skirt. ⠀ You don't need to own many pieces and you don't want to have too much of a good stuff either. Your goal is to look trendy-following your own trends, and charming. Have a tunic blouse from your recent trip to India? Great! Combine it with your favorite jeans and a designer sandals. Going out for a date? Put your little black dress on and twist it with a colorful silk vintage scarf and vintage purse. Or working at the office? Have your loyal pencil skirt with a bespoke button down from your favorite (like second hand shop. ⠀ The key factor is mixing together a bit of luxury with some retro elements and practical items. The results: an independent individual who follows his or her own true self. ⠀ Remember the Hugo Boss campaign from the 90s? ⠀ Don't imitate. Innovate. ⠀

Secret No. 1

If you followed my previous post, you know that I am sharing my 5 style secrets with you. (Look back in the posts to see Secrets No. 5, 4, 3, & 2 or read the full blog post at This is secret No.1 Passion

Yes, when it's about style, the biggest secret is being passionate. It does not matter what you are passionate about and it does not matter if you are passionate about not having any particular reason to be passionate, the important thing to show that you glow from inside, that you are alive. Then all the rest, your style, your trend, your look, will take care of themselves - with a bit of effort.:)

'The most beautiful makeup of a woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy.' Yves Saint Laurent

And you, what you are passionate about?

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