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I think I discovered a new side of myself. I always thought I knew what is my style, or more, I did not really care about such "superficial" things, I thought, style is what I am, I don't need to do anything about it. You know, like Andy from the "The Devil Wears Prada" movie. The "smart, fat girl".: ) But wearing this different outfits, I suddenly realize, this is so much fun! I don't need to wear black and gray and straight lines all the times, I can play around with the shapes, colors, feels. Yes, it was fun. Every time I am going out now, instead of going to my own wardrobe, I head to my store, " I wonder how this blazer would look with this skirt?"

Enjoy the photos and remember, all is on sale!

What began as a no-nonsense approach to fashion, designed to let women be comfortable while looking dignified, has been translated into a classic, tailored style, especially in ready-to-wear, where the traditional tweed Chanel suit with a nipped-at-the-waist cardigan jacket remains one of the most popular—and most copied—fashion staples.

Our choice for this Season is this right-on-trend vintage neon-pastel color perfection that is available for sale in our shop.

​Anna wears: Chanel neon-pastel vintage skirt suit; Elizabeth and James ivory silk top; Vintage beaded ivory purse; Prada patent leather heels; Sweetwater pearl necklace; Gucci vintage sunglasses.

For a more laid back look, combine your most casual pieces with a high-end luxury piece, like this jeans+tee combo with the Chanel buckle jacket. Right on trend with flashy colors, the straight cropped jeans, oversize vintage 90s belt, the silk scarf as headband and sweet suede mules.

Anna wears: Chanel jacket; Sam Edelman jeans, Roccobarocco belt, Gucci vintage purse, Google cotton T-shirt, Gucci vintage sunglasses, Ivanka Trump pink suede mules, and silk vintage scarf.

We believe that a woman's most significant power is her inner strength. By taking care of herself and following her true nature, she can move lands without introducing force. No one will look above you in this powerful and extra feminine casual elegant combination that just glows from confidence.

​Anna wears: BCBG cotton striped sundress; Iceberg vintage navy coat (available in the store); Gianfranco Ferre denim sandals; Prada tessuto purse; Lupetta vintage silk scarf (available in the store).

We believe in heritage and tradition when it comes to our Spring dresses. Therefore, our dresses are either true vintage or vintage-inspired, high-end brands. We wish to take you back the time when women were women and elegance dominated every activity such as going shopping or to picnic. This soft-toned BCBG dress is s perfect representation of this attitude.

​Anna wears: BCBG vintage-inspired sundress; Kate Spade vintage straw bucket bag (available in the store); Ivanka Trump pink suede mules; Fossil watch; MaxMara vintage sunglasses.

You can be feminine and tomboy at the same time. You can mix casual and edgy pieces with more sophisticated items. The result: an eye-catching look in which you will feel comfortable and relaxed the whole day and what comes after.

Anna wears: Enlin floral and sheer top; Iceberg low rise ripped jeans; Gucci white vintage purse; Versace white patent leather heels; Brown leather vintage belt (available in the store).

One of the biggest trends of 2019 will be the shorts. This style combines a casual and comfortable look with a more serious business tone with the white oxford shoes and the black blazer. The shorts are made out from silk and the tee is from Silicon Valley, right from Google.

Anna wears: Dolce & Gabbana beige silk shorts (available in the store); Marc by Marc Jacobs black blazer, Google T-shirt (a selection is available in the store); Prada white oxford shoes; White vintage breaded belt; Gucci vintage sunglasses, and a vintage black clutch.

What you want to avoid in 2019 is all black. This is a good alternative on what you can do with your favorite and trusted black outfit. Don't be afraid of colors this Season even if you are not a colorista:).

Anna wears: MaxMara vintage yellow linen blazer; Nordstrom black silk sleeveless top (available in the store); Gucci black pencil skirt; Nine West black suede heels; Furla yellow mini leather purse.

Talking about linen, yes, a favorite Spring material that is light enough and super comfortable. This is a soft and very feminine combination in vintage and high-end moods.

Anna wears: MaxMara off-white linen skirt suit (available in the store); Silk vintage ivory sleeveless top (available in the store); Gucci vintage purse; Balenciaga off-white vintage leather heels; Gianfranco Ferre vintage sunglasses; and a vintage silk scarf (available in the store).

If you are one of those people who prefer to stay out of the spotlight but still want to be stylish, you will probably like this classic combination. We lifted up the look with the animal print purse that are especially trending this Season.

Anna wears: Socialite white sleeveless top (available in the store); Brooks Brothers vintage ivory capri pants; Escada pony hair vintage purse; Prada ivory leather vintage sling backs, and a MaxMara vintage sunglasses.

Spring and Summer are about weddings and engagements; This sweet and formal combination is perfect for any celebration that require a higher profile.

Anna wears: R.E.D. Valentino sleeveless lace dress (sold); Marc by Marc Jacobs black blazer; Vintage beaded ivory purse; Prada ivory leather sling backs, and Gucci vintage sunglasses.

An ambitious woman in our age should consider herself having the potential of becoming a president or a first lady one day. Elegance, charm, and intelligence should be her most powerful skills. Just like Jackie, Grace, or Kate. Why not?

Anna wears: Vera Wang Lavender vintage-inspired dress; Prada vintage flats (available in the store); Vintage purse, Fossil watch.

Having a vintage look is not about wearing old and ugly clothes. It means, you make a bow in front of an era that represents something to you. Like with this vintage-inspired look that calls back the 40-50s. Ready for a sweet dance party!

Anna wears: Talbots floral print sundress; Stuart Weitzman vintage black ballerinas (available in the store); Black vintage clutch; and Gucci vintage sunglasses.

When I saw the firts pictures of this combination, I immediately thought of the women who passed their 40s already, a bit more conservative but nevertheless wishes to be in style. Perfect for the office, or a dinner party.

Anna wears: Roberto Cavalli blue button-down shirt (available in the store); Gucci black business pants (available in the store); Prada patent leather high heels (available in the store); Vintage black clutch, and Gucci vintage sunglasses.

Madonna or Cindy Lauper? The 80s are re-invented here with a modern twist. Certainly this look is not for the fainted hearts. The casual tee gives with the ballerina tutu and the ballerina heels and leggings together creates the perfect grungy effect.

Anna wears: Moschino vintage leggings; Billabong cotton T-shirt (a selection of retro tees are available in the store); Bebe sandals; Original ballerina tutus (available in the store); MaxMara vintage sunglasses, and a vintage silk scarf (available in the store).

Everything is on trend with this look: high waisted vintage mom jeans, vintage and vintage-inspired together, and the made-to-walk mules.

Anna wears: Levis vintage mom jeans (available in the store); Catherine Malandrino red vintage-inspired top; Vintage red leather belt (available in the store); Franco Sarto red suede mules; and Gucci vintage sunglasses.

It's not a secret that we love the French style. A fashion-conscious woman should not miss some sailor striped tops, a pair of white jeans or pants and penny loafers from her wardrobe. And why not everything right on trend with the wide leg mom jeans and vintage vibe?

Anna wears: Rag and Bone Jean striped top; Levis white vintage straight leg jeans (available in the store); Ann Taylor navy leather loafers (available in the store); Banana Republic vintage off-white leather belt.

Anna in Christian Lacroix

This pants requires special attention. It's from Christian Lacroix and has a beautiful balayage effect; the top part is pastel-golden yellow and the bottom is pastel pink. Just like a beautiful Summer sunset in California. The balzer is silk from the 80s by Nordstrom, the top is a modern Socialite piece, the purse is by Furla and the shoes are by Prada.

Anna wears: Christian Lacroix pants (available in the store); Nordstrom silk blaze (available in the store); Socialite white camisole top (available in the store); Furla purse; Prada patent leather heels.

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