Style signs that you were a teenager in the 90s

We all love the magical 90s and the trend styles are back now. But there are some obvious style signs if you were a teenegear during that period. Check them out:

1. Your eyebrows are plucked thin. Even if you try to grew them out, it's difficult to get back to your 'bushier' version.

Kate Moss 90s plucked eyebrows

2. You prefer a one tone color for your hair or you choose highlights over balayage.

Style signs that you were a teenager in the 90s

3. You like high waisted jeans (light rinse with rips) and still don't understand low waist.

Cindy Crawford in high waisted jeans in the 90s

4. You are happy that Converse is still in.

Gwyneth Paltrow wearing Converse in the 90s

5. You think crop tops are cute and absolutely essential.

Gwen Stefani in crop tops in the 90s

6. You kept your original made in England Doc Martens and still wear it.

Doc Martens shoes

7. You prefer to file your nails square shaped.

Jennifer Lopez in square shaped nails in the 90s

8. Time to time you still visit your tanning salon. After all, a perfectly tanned skin is very attractive.

Pamela Anderson in Baywatch in the 90s

9. You don't feel like chokers are not for you anymore.

Winona Rider in chokers in the 90s

10. When choosing a watch, you go by Swatch's colorful selection and keep at least 3 different ones to match your outfit.

Swatch watches collection from the 90s

And, you, what would be your list?



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