Beautiful, classic, and elegant Salvatore Ferragamo for Saks Fifth Avenue vintage 70-80s navy blue leather heels. Leather soles, Salvatore Ferragamo golden emblem as accent on the top, stepped classic pattern in the front. Made in Italy. Nu.: DQ 5311 42312410 AA 365W. The size is not indicated, so please examine the attached measurements and take into consideration that it measures 9.5 from tip to heel (I am an 8.5 and this sounds accurate) with a narrow front. Condition: the leather looks still very good, no cracks, damage of any kind, gently worn. The soles are a bit more worn, it might be beneficial taking it to give it a new tip but to completely renew it but even without that it will serve you a few years more as is.

Salvatore Ferragamo Saks Fifth Avenue Navy Leather Vintage Heels, 9.5 AA


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