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Neon and Pastel

What began as a no-nonsense approach to fashion, designed to let women be comfortable while looking dignified, has been translated into a classic, tailored style, especially in ready-to-wear, where the traditional tweed Chanel suit with a nipped-at-the-waist cardigan jacket remains one of the most popular—and most copied—fashion staples.

Our choice for this Season is this right-on-trend vintage neon-pastel color perfection that is available for sale in our shop.

Anna wears: Chanel neon-pastel vintage skirt suit; Elizabeth and James ivory silk top; Vintage beaded ivory purse; Prada patent leather heels; Sweetwater pearl necklace; Gucci vintage sunglasses.


Black Staples

Black and white pieces are always the most important pieces in one's wardrobe. They can be combined easily with anything and they give the ultimate elegant look to any outfit. White cotton button-down shirts, a black blaze,  and skirts are your best friends when there is no time to pull out something more elaborate.

Anna wears vintage Saint-Lauren black velvet blazer, Nara Camicee cotton button-down shirts, Richard Warren vintage black skirt, Vince leather slides, Bally vintage mini shoulder purse, and Gucci sunglasses.

Saint-Laurent Vintage 3.jpg
Armani 2.jpg

The Robbery


The time when women started to wear trousers turned history. It proved that we can as powerful as men without losing our femininity. A classic pants suit or blazer+trouser combination is always chic and appropriate.

Anna wears Giorgio Armani pants suit, Prada white button-down shirt, Bally leather clutch, Prada patent leather heels, Importina vintage hats, Gucci sunglasses, and Swatch watch.

Cozy Up

The Big Fur Coat

As the weather is changing, we all want to have that piece that keeps us warm all the time. This oversized Max Mara faux fur coat is a perfect choice. It's warm, it's big, it's glamorous. And yes, you can even use it as a blanket.

Anna wears Max Mara vintage faux fur coat, Manolo Blahnik leather slides, Salvatore Ferragamo leather purse, and Gucci sunglasses.

Max 2.jpg

Sweet Sophistication

Full Bloom

You can be feminine and tomboy at the same time. You can mix casual and edgy pieces with more sophisticated items. The result: an eye-catching look in which you will feel comfortable and relaxed the whole day and what comes after.

Anna wears: Enlin floral and sheer top; Iceberg low rise ripped jeans; Gucci white vintage purse; Versace white patent leather heels; Brown leather vintage belt.

Just Feminine

Traveling Back In Time

A woman cannot be more feminine and elegant than when she wears a simple pencil skirt with a fitted shirt and a blazer with the right accessories. Going out to have breakfast at Tiffany's or just to pick up the mail? Audrey will approve your outfit.

Anna wears Max Mara wool pencil skirt, Etro button-down shirt, vintage Mason Madessolle wool jacket, Hermes silk scarf, Salvatore Ferragamo leather purse, Gucci leather slingbacks, and GFF sunglasses.

Magni 2.jpg
Byblos Vintage 2.jpg

A Modern Woman

All Together

Modern in my glossary does not mean, someone who wears only the latest trends and the newest pieces. Modern means, someone who follows current trends, not only about fashion and style but everything else. Someone who knows that things are connected and fashion, dressing up is no longer separated from concepts like workforce, recycling, globalization, tradition, and responsibility.

Anna wears Sam Edelman jeans, Salvatore Ferragamo red vintage wool blazer, Nara Camicee white cotton button-down, Roccobarocco vintage belt, Hermes vintage scarfs, J. Crew vintage leather tote, Manolo Blahnik vintage slides, and GFF vintage sunglasses.

Feminine Lines

What is your superpower?

We believe that a woman's most significant power is her inner strength. By taking care of herself and following her true nature, she can move lands without introducing force. No one will look above you in this powerful and extra feminine casual elegant combination that just glows from confidence.

Anna wears: BCBG cotton striped sundress; Iceberg vintage navy coat; Gianfranco Ferre denim sandals; Prada tessuto purse; Lupetta vintage silk scarf.


Remembering Jackie

Preparing for the role

An ambitious woman in our age should consider herself having the potential to become a president or a first lady one day. Elegance, charm, and intelligence should be her most powerful skills. Just like Jackie, Grace, or Kate. Why not?

Anna wears: Vera Wang Lavender vintage-inspired dress; Prada vintage flats; Vintage purse, Fossil watch.

La Petite Marseillais

Stripes with White Jeans and Loafers

It's not a secret that we love the French style. A fashion-conscious woman should not miss some sailor striped tops, a pair of white jeans or pants and penny loafers from her wardrobe. And why not everything right on trend with the wide leg mom jeans and vintage vibe?

Anna wears: Rag and Bone Jean striped top; Levis white vintage straight leg jeans; Ann Taylor nay leather loafers; Banana Republic vintage off-white leather belt.

Watermark_ByTailorBrands - 2019-04-29T20
Dereon 1.jpg


Old and not old

When talking about vintage, we often associate that with some dusty, falling-apart off-white garments. But vintage is more than that. Vintage represents an era, a style, a cut, a vibe that was particular to that specific period. We wish to bring back that time and whether is a true vintage or a retro piece, we revive the old good times.

Anna wears Dereon retro wool coat, Armani white cotton shift dress, Versace patent leather heels, Salvatore Ferragamo 70s leather purse with silk ribbon "fish" belt, and Gucci vintage sunglasses.

Luxury with Casual

Because it's chic

For a more laid back look, combine your most casual pieces with a high-end luxury piece, like this jeans+tee combo with the Chanel buckle jacket. Right on trend with flashy colors, the straight cropped jeans, oversize vintage 90s belt, the silk scarf as a headband and sweet suede mules.

Anna wears Chanel jacket; Sam Edelman jeans, Roccobarocco belt, Gucci vintage purse, Google cotton T-shirt, Gucci vintage sunglasses, Ivanka Trump pink suede mules, and silk vintage scarf.

Saint-Laurent Vintage 4.jpg


Capsule Pieces

A walk in the city, museum visit, coffee shop, date, everything is covered if you wear the right pieces. A basic black skirt, a white button-down shirt, a practical crossbody, and a comfortable pair of shoes. From morning to the evening. I would do it!

Anna wears Nara Camicee cotton embroidered button-down shirt, Richard Warren black rayon skirt, Bally mini crossbody purse, Vince black leather slides, and Gucci vintage sunglasses.

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Our Story

ATRIUM ANNA was designed for independent and modern, yet sensitive and caring individuals who keep high standards in all areas of their lives. 

In our boutique-size stores online, everything you find is a reflection of the style and taste of our founder, Anna Haeven. She grew up in Europe during the 80s and 90s and as her favorite past times, you will keep seeing the footprints of this in our collection as well.

At Atrium Anna's, we believe that everyone deserves to live a life of luxury. Luxury items, designer pieces carry a tradition of fine design, tailoring, and craftsmanship that was passed from generation to generation. They use higher quality materials and it takes more time to make them, that's why they usually cost more than a second-tier fashion item. But not all of us can afford the latest design in new condition. Let this not prevent you from living a luxury lifestyle: Buy vintage or archived luxury!

Vintage is not old and it's not only "used". Vintage is a great charm, a style of a past era, a value that increases with the passing years. The main feature of a dress, an accessory, or a vintage item is the great value that it has progressively acquired over the time because now it would be impossible to copy it with the same high-quality standards. Vintage is an icon of that time.  Owning a high-end vintage piece is always an investment. Choosing a luxury pre-owned vintage piece is a symbol of your inner world.

Here, at Atrium Anna, you can be sure that what you see is precisely what you get. Therefore, we try to avoid enhanced stock images and more importantly, we don't sell replicas. More, if you found that your item is not what you have thought it is, you can return them within 2 weeks of delivery. And if you can prove it that your item is fake, we will pay back your money! Most of the items are so unique that if you don't get them now, the chances are that you will not be able to find them a second time!

Shop luxury pre-owned clothing, shoes, accessories, unique designer brands, and more, up to 90% off.

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