The Story:

The fascination with beauty and refined impressions started...

Really, when did it start?

Perhaps when I was 24, and a wealthy family friend took me to an antique store and asked me to start picking anything for her that I liked. Perhaps when I first visited Paris at 15 and immediately headed to a luxury consignment store. Maybe when I was 6 and was watching my mother dressing up and doing her makeup for an elegant event. Perhaps I was born with it...

Imagine having your daily cup of coffee or tea from fine Herend or Limoges porcelain instead of a mug.

Imagine taking a bite of a delicious Esterhazy cake with silver flatware instead of a plastic fork.

Imagine coming home after a long day at work and stepping on a soft, hand-woven silk carpet instead of a massive rug.

Imagine sliding your feet into a buttery, well-made Italian leather shoe instead of cheap plastic flip-flops.

The choice is yours

The choice is yours, and I am here to help you with the first steps along the way to finding your unique luxury style without going bankrupt. Because every day, pure luxury is just one step ahead.

Our definition of luxury?

A brand that guarantees good taste, rather than an all-too-obvious price tag.

According to Ines de la Fressange, former Chanel muse, "[the Parisian] won't blow her salary on the latest "must-have" - she can't afford it, for one thing, plus she has faith in her talent as a fashion stylist."

Well, I am not exactly a Parisian; I was born and spent the first 24 years of my life in Southern-Eastern Europe, A place filled with many shapes, colors, differences, traditions, and cultures. A place where I adored to belong to for its many sides and contradictions. I guess that is one reason I became a person who has a sense of style and good taste but is still very much a down-to-earth individual.

And you don’t need to be a Parisian to possess these qualities. In fact, in our age, you do not even need to go too far to follow up with the latest trends. A very admired friend with a great sense of fashion and modesty once told me that in the '70s to get a Gucci purse, he traveled all the way to Rome and shopped at the famous Via Condotti. Luckily (or not), now it's enough to go online and start looking for the desired item. But be careful of replicas! If you want to make sure you are buying authentic designer items, you are in the right place!

That's why I created ATRIUM ANNA's Style Online.

It came from that 15-year-old girl's desire to wear fashionable, elegant, and high-quality designer pieces, but the closest I could get such pieces was in Paris or Milan, that is at least a day-long travel.

Why Second-Hand Luxury?

Show the world who you are

Why buy a pre-owned luxury item?

There are many reasons. For sure, second-hand is not for everyone, and not all second-hand is good. But if you like high-quality and don't have a big budget, plus you are as passionate about finding a treasure as I am, then you will choose pre-owned luxury over a second-tier new item which lasts maybe a season before you throw it away.

Owning a high-end piece is always an investment.

Most of the items are so well-made that they will last for decades. If you take good care of them and get bored of them, you will still be able to resell them. Thus, by recycling, you partake in a global effort of saving the environment.

High-end pieces are usually made in Italy, France, or other European cities, or the fashion companies other factories that can be sometimes in Asia. Nevertheless, they share one common element; these fine organizations carry a tradition of fine design and tailoring that was passed from generation to generation. And besides they use higher quality materials, that's why they cost more.

And lastly, let's not forget about the status: owning a high-end piece is a statement in itself. It tells others that you care about quality, tradition, and refinement. It shows that you belong to a category where you expect the world to treat you differently. A maintained, respected piece is not about how much you have in your bank account; it's about what you are passionate about. Choosing pre-owned items also says that you love life and do not wish to give up the quality they offer but have other priorities than spending thousands on the latest trend.

Choosing a luxury pre-owned piece is a symbol of your inner world.

For looking trendy, stylish, or fashionable, you don't really need a lot of high-end pieces but need to learn how to mix and match these luxury items with the more affordable and some of your unique items from your wardrobe.

That is the secret of being really chic.

And I am here to help you on this wonderful journey of colors, shapes, textures, and heritage.

Discover my world of quality through my Lookbook for tips, trends, tips or read my Journal for my articles on fashion, style, life, luxury, and more.

Enjoy your shopping and enjoy being your own Self!

And if you still have questions? Just send me an email at anna@atriumanna.com. I answer all emails personally.

Anna Haeven


PS: Special thanks to Garance Doré, Harvey Helms, and Ines De La Fressange who inspired me through their books and writings to have the courage to share what I have been so passionate about since I started to get to know a little bit of myself.

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