Recycle your no longer needed, gently used luxury or designer items.

Request our Consignment Forms today!

Atrium ANNA is proud to offer its consignment services to you.

We take no longer needed, gently used luxury or designer items and our dedicated team will sell them on our platforms.

The process is simple:

1) Send us an email and request our Consignment Forms;

2) Ship your items;

3) We will take care of the rest: We make beautiful photographs of them, write a stunning description, measure and check them and style them to go on our selling platforms. We do all the marketing and promotion.

4) When your item sells, you receive a check or a PayPal payment from us. Done!

Start today!

Your closet will be free again and you will get up to 50% of the final price. You will be partaking in a luxury recycling process and make the world a better place free from mass production and cheap labor.

Video: Spring-Summer Collection